Before starting Complyon, we were consultants implementing GDPR and IT risk and control management across a variety of sectors. We battled tedious and one-dimensional Excel spreadsheets and faced difficulties with siloed projects as we provided the necessary reports to DPOs and CISOs. We knew there had to be a better way.

How Complyon began

To meet our own needs, we started developing a GDPR data-mapping tool that integrated data from the different areas of a business. We created it to be a highly-structured tool that makes maintenance and reporting tasks easier and provides a better service. Our customers began requesting access to our tool, and we have continued to develop our software in cooperation with customers ever since. As we further our knowledge of the ever-changing nature of GDPR and information risk management every day, our software evolves to support new needs and best practices.

Complyon’s mission

Our mission is to help companies transform compliance from a task that has to be done to an asset that creates value for the business. We provide a solution that moves companies from chaos to compliance, and from maintenance to intelligent advantages. Our tool offers a strategic overview that integrates information and data from various business units into security and legal frameworks.

When legal met IT…


Again and again, companies face difficulties enabling their Legal and IT departments to communicate in the same language. Often, this results in lengthy and costly projects where siloes run deep as the two teams cannot successfully integrate their different competencies. IT cannot implement adequate security measures without the full overview of specific legal requirements that relate to business processes, and Legal teams cannot ensure appropriate personal data processing without IT’s understanding of the risks and measures involved. Due to this, we chose to create a solution that helps Legal and IT work together to provide maximum value.

Fast growing team based in Copenhagen.

Some say that we are hosting a big get-together for specialists who know they can achieve more in a team with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Don't believe us? Get in touch and see for yourself!

  • 15 passionate experts in their field

    We’re a carefully assembed team of experts from IT, Legal, HR, Sales and Marketing ready to take on compliance.

  • Fully funded

    We're fortunate enough to have the trust and belief of some amazing partners and investors to help us scale and guide us in the right direction.

  • Based in Copenhagen. For now.

    Founded in Copenhagen, but with an international mindset both in our aspiration and employee composition.

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