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 Our multi-dimensional solution simplifies processes and generates GDPR reports with just one click 

Complyon's platform streamlines GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is complicated: it's time-consuming to input all the data necessary and ensure that all obligations are fulfilled. Compliance with the regulations requires ongoing awareness and investment, particularly when working with large volumes of data. Internal processes are a key area of opportunity to improve workflows surrounding GDPR needs and Complyon’s GDPR Module helps you do exactly that.

All your GDPR-related data in one platform

Integrating with the Core Module, Complyon's GDPR Module uses the information and data stored in your systems and builds on them with relevant questions such as which legal basis you use, and how you fulfil obligations on the process level.

Gather and map data from anywhere at any time to provide a better standard of reporting and documentation. Complyon removes complexity from the GDPR process by giving an overview of the interrelations between data and makes the process of creating complex reports simple and fast.

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