Improve team communication with the Project Module

Automatic reminders for stakeholders involved with data renewal and control

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Automate stakeholder communication

Alongside the difficulties of managing the data needed for your compliance, it’s an added challenge to ensure that all the right people update and renew their data correctly – whether they’re internal staff, external validators, or other stakeholders.

Our Project Module automates compliance-related communication and makes data renewal an easier process. From one-off data validations to your annual compliance plan, the Project Module handles all communication to ensure data is updated at the correct time, meaning you can show privacy by design and keep data accurate as changes happen.

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Improve data renewal processes

Complyon’s Project Module improves compliance-related communication, making it simple to unite departments and ensure everyone is automatically reminded of the tasks they need to complete.

The system automatically generates the messages needed and contacts the relevant people via email for validation and renewal. Tasks can be sent to many people at once, and reassigned to others, such as external auditors. The system also provides the ability to accept or reject validations from others, providing governance benefits.

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Closing the information gap by optimising communication

Compliance communication can be difficult due to different levels of knowledge and the involvement of multiple departments. Complyon’s Project Module is designed to close this gap by automating communication around what is needed and providing a built-in help centre with clear information that can be understood by any individual working in any department.

The Project Module also integrates with Complyon’s other modules:

  • Policies and Procedures: automate email reminders related to keeping policies and procedures updated
  • Risk and control: implement and carry out controls through automated reminders
  • Assessments: manage communication around conducting different assessments

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Task reminders are automatically sent out to the relevant individuals when information renewal is needed, including:

Update mitigations of risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Ensure all business owners provide updated information to ensure possible risks can be easily tracked and pre-emptively handled.

Overview of different tasks to be carried out throughout the year

Complyon’s smart dashboard solution offers a clear overview of upcoming tasks and their timeframes, making it easy for individuals to understand what to do and for when.

Automatic reminders sent to validators at the correct time

Complyon automatically contacts stakeholders at the relevant times, removing the need for manual correspondence.

Reminders of required actions and updates from business owners

Complyon’s automated reminders ensure business owners always know about upcoming deadlines and data renewal needs.

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