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Effortlessly manage and delegate policies and procedures

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Manage and delegate policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are vital organisation to run smoothly and compliantly. However, most organisations struggle to keep them updated, available, and streamlined. Complyon’s module offers a better way to manage them and ensure compliance with organisation-wide policies, while empowering departments to seamlessly manage their procedures and related documents.

It’s simple to track, implement, and manage policies and procedures and as a result, compliance with policies and procedures becomes a live and intuitive asset to manage, rather than a cumbersome manual task.

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Central location for better governance

Complyon’s system keeps track of all policies, procedures and related documents in one place. With an option to pre-approve your company domain, any employee can access the policies and procedures that are relevant to them and it’s simple to ensure that the organisation is always acting from the latest versions.

Improve governance through:

  • An internal hierarchy between policies, procedures and other documents
  • Full access management
  • Creating relations between policies and procedures
  • Automatic notifications about changes
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    Full overview of implementation management

    Automatically inform contacts about the changes and updates needed to make sure data is valid. Permissions are easily delegated on multiple levels, so information access is limited to the correct stakeholders.

    Follow these simple steps to gain an overview:

    1. Upload or provide a link to existing documents
    2. Structure documents for the best access control, e.g. based on an inserted organisational diagram
    3. Pre-approve domain access for all employees
    4. Request responsibles keep documents updated
    5. Receive notifications for updates, version control and a full history log.

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    Overview of departments and related workflows

    As procedures often vary according to departments, the module offers the option to connect different activities and local policies to individual departments, making it easier for departments to manage their individual procedures. By pre-approving your domain, you can invite all employees to read policies and procedures that are relevant to their department.

    By maintaining these in the same module as the policies, it’s easy to see an organisation-wide overview of which compliance structures are in place, who is responsible, and the relevant systems and activities.

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    Automatic updates and notifications

    Automatic updates ensure the relevant stakeholders are reminded about the need to update data or take action on tasks.

    For example, to help with onboarding, reminders can automatically be sent out by the system tome new employees aware of company and department policies and procedures.

    Automatic updates can notify relevant people about:

  • New versions of policies and procedures
  • Updates to related policies and procedures
  • Reminders to update documents
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