Complyon for pharmaceutical companies

Simplifying the process of complying with the necessary industry frameworks

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Why pharmaceutical companies choose Complyon

The pharmaceutical industry is tightly bound to regulations, as the industry standard must be matched for all elements relating to healthcare. However, companies find it difficult to comply with ever changing regulations that make it expensive and time-intensive to match the standards needed, especially with new trials starting and new regulations to meet.

Complyon’s platform makes compliance management simple and intuitive, and saves time for pharmaceutical organisations. As it is based on a dynamic data model, it expands to integrate with the demands of every new trial, system, and process, so that it’s easy to monitor company-wide compliance. Having all the processes, documentation, and compliance data stored in one location for the entire organisation improves understanding and helps track and mitigate risk.

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One system that covers all the necessary regulatory frameworks

Due to the nature of data handled by pharmaceutical companies, there are many different frameworks that must be complied with at all times. It can be time-consuming to ensure that these are being met, with organisations unsure how to implement them.

Complyon’s system allows all the different frameworks and standards to be mapped, and the Dashboard feature shows you the status of the application of these frameworks. By keeping all the frameworks and data in one system, it’s easy to keep track of compliance and ensure every process is happening correctly.

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Enhance understanding through data overviews

Complyon’s platform is based around an inter-connected and dynamic data model. All the data from every department, trial, and researcher is maintained in one overview, making it simple to see patterns and understand relationships between data.

All data and documentation are stored and accessible in Complyon’s platform, meaning it’s quick and easy to understand what’s happening in your compliance, and see the areas of risk. Security standards are upheld and every department knows where to store their compliance information, improving accessibility and providing a clear overview where it’s easier to see where compliance standards are not being met.


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Automatically remind stakeholders to update and renew their data

Complyon’s Project Module automates compliance and data renewal communication, making it more straightforward to remind employees and those in other departments to validate or update the necessary information.

Through setting automatic reminders, the administration burden is removed, and it’s simple to ensure everyone has updated the relevant information at all times.

Complyon makes managing compliance and regulatory frameworks simple and time-efficient for pharmaceutical companies

Interconnected data model

The Core Module provides a clear overview of all systems, data, processes, and third parties across the entire organisation, making it easier to see where risk lies.

Automated GDPR reporting

Correct and audit-ready reports are automatically generated in the Privacy Module, saving time and ensuring accurate reporting.

Real-time compliance status metrics

A percentage score and visual dashboard exposes the status of risk and threats in your data, meaning steps can be taken to mitigate them.

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Making compliance simple for pharmaceutical industries

Complyon makes it an easy process to ensure pharmaceutical companies are working in a compliant manner, and exposes when they are not.

Through storing all the documentation, departments can be certain they are acting in a compliant manner, and seeing where risk is occurring allows them to take steps to mitigate this across multiple systems, ensuring that healthcare data is always protected and the industry standard is always matched.

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