Validation of legal basis

It’s necessary to validate that the current status of information or processes can be accepted in accordance with GPPR. Existing validations are viewed by clicking ‘View validation log’, then ‘View more’. The details of the legal basis can be viewed by clicking on the name of the specific legal basis.

To add a new validation, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘+ Add validation’.
  2. Using the checklist, accept or reject the data classification for this process and the processing type.
  3. Choose ‘Accept’ if the legal basis is correct and there are currently no actions to follow up on.
  4. If ‘Accept’ is selected, describe any relevant comments such as possible problems or uncertainties regarding the legal basis.
  5. Select ‘Reject’ if an acceptable legal basis is missing, or if there are uncertainties that require further investigation.
  6. If ‘Reject’ is selected, fill out the detailed questionnaire to indicate any reasons for rejection of the basis.
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