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Technical security measures on a system

Indicate or update which technical security measures a system is secured by by clicking “+Add new” and choose the technical security measure that is used to secure this system. E.g., add a specific access management system such as Omada or a Log Management system such as LogPoint etc.

As an Admin you can add more options to the list of technical measures by clicking “Create new”. Admin can also manage new measures in settings, here

If you choose to create a new technical measure you can define specific values that can qualify this particular technical measure, such as dates, numbers or you can choose to create a dropdown-box, where you can define the options. If you chose a value to be selected, the value is set directly on the newly added measure, after you have saved it.

For a Log Management system it could for instance be relevant to create a dropdown with three options for which operations are logged on a system: “Only read operations, Only modify operations, All CRUD operations”. When you create a new measure, you can categorize it either by choosing a category from the drop-down, or by creating a new category.

If technical security measures appear with red coloring it is because no value has been chosen on the measure. Click on the edit icon (the pencil) and chose from the drop-down. The security measure will then become green once you have clicked on ‘Save’.

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