Processing types on activity

According to GDPR some processing types that could elevate privacy risks must be documented and reported on in various audits or in case of individual requests from customers, employees etc.

Click “Yes” if this activity includes any of the below listed types of processing of information:

  • Profiling (GDPR Art. 4, 4) – meaning any automated processing of data to analyze or make predictions about individuals.
  • Direct marketing (GDPR Art. 21) – includes text messages (SMS) or e-mails that a customer receives from a service provider.
  • Processing of data relating to children (GDPR, Art. 22) – includes processing of information of children under the age of 16.
  • Automated decisions (GDPR Art. 22.), where no humans are involved in the decisions that impact the data subjects (Robots, etc.).

If you clicked “Yes” to any of the above listed processing types, describe in further detail how the information is processed and how it affects the privacy of the individuals.

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