Here you can see the full list of the partitions and are able to create a partition structure.

An example of a partition can be seen in your organization’s locations. If your organization is divided into locations a structure can be:

  • Copenhagen office
  • Amsterdam office
  • London office

Another example of an organization that is divided into subsidiaries can be the following:

  • Copenhagen Holding ApS
  • Malmo Inc.
  • Amsterdam Inc.
  • London Inc.

Choose the partition structure that fits your organizational structure.

Create partitions

Create new partitions by clicking on the right-side button “+ Create new”. Fill in the master data which is needed for a correct partition structure and organizational structure.

  • Name: Choose the name that fits the organization. You can find inspiration in the organization overview.
  • Company number: This could be the CVR-number of a danish company or VAT-number. The only important point to have in mind is that you will be able to identify the company or office.
  • Street: Type the address.
  • City: City of the company.
  • Postcode: Postcode of the company in the country.
  • Country: What country is the organization established in.
  • Email: a contact e-mail to use.

Save the new partition and repeat until the partition structure is complete.

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