Measures on contracts

Indicate or update which contract measures this contract is secured by or is measured by by clicking “+Add new” and choose the contract measure. You need the Advanced contract module to have this feature

Relevant contract measures could be:

-Security measures from various ISO standards that the contract contains to ensure adequate protection of information

-Specific supplementary measures in accordance with Schrems II

-Contract values e.g. in euros

-Specific requirements from competition law that each contract needs to comply to

As an Admin you can add more options to the list of contract measures by clicking “Create new”.

If you choose to create a new contract measure you can define specific values that can qualify this particular contract measure, such as dates, numbers or you can choose to create a dropdown-box, where you can define the options.

E.g. if your contract measure is Encryption, as a technical requirement to your vendor, you can create Encryption as the measure and for instance create 3 values to document the specific level of encryption;

  • Data is not encrypted.
  • Data is encrypted when transferred through open networks,
  • Data is encrypted at rest and when transferred through open networks,

When you create a new measure, you should categorize either by choosing a category from the drop-down, or by creating a new category. Examples of contract measure categories could be “Technical measures”, “Organisational measures” etc.

If contract measures appear with red coloring it is because no value has been chosen on the measure. Click on the edit icon (the pencil) and chose from the drop-down. The contract measure will then become green once you have clicked on ‘Save’.

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