Legal basis

What is a legal basis?

According to GDPR you must document a specific legal basis from the legislation that allows the organisation to collect and process personal information.

On a Process, under the privacy sheet, select which legal basis is used to process personal information in this process. To add a new legal basis, click ‘+ Add new’ in the right corner.

In the ‘Use of article reasoning’ field, enter comments and reasons for using the specific article in this process.  For example, if you use the legitimate interests rule in Article 6, part 1, (f), you must remember to document, respectively, the interests of the registered and the company’s interest, as well as your reasons for why the company’s interest is considered to weigh more heavily. If one of the Activities uses a different legal basis than the other Activities associated with this process, this field can also be used to clarify this.

If you want to upload documentation for an already registered legal basis, click on the legal basis name and then click “upload” or “Add link”.

Once the current legal basis is documented, the legal responsible must validate that the current status can be accepted in accordance with GDPR. You can view existing validations by clicking ‘View validation log’ and ‘View more’.

If you want to add more options to the existing list of legal basis, the Admin can do this from the Settings, here.


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