Updating information obligation

Updating information obligation

It’s necessary to update or approve the documentation for fulfilling the legal obligation to inform data subjects – also know as the information obligation.

In the documentation, you are must specify what data is being used and the purposes of its use. The documentation is to notify the data subjects, in accordance with GDPR art. 13 and 14.

To approve the existing documentation:

  1. Click on the eye icon to review the documentation.
  2. If the information is up to date, click complete/save.
  3. If the documentation is not up to date, click ‘+ Add new’ to create new documentation.
  4. Select the relevant documentation from the drop-down menu (the options that appear depend on the options created by the administrator).
  5. Select the relevant documentation from the drop-down menu.

Note: if the correct information obligation documentation is missing, you can either add it new from settings if you are the administrator, or contact the administrator and request they add a new one.

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