Update information obligation

Update information obligation

What is information obligation

On processes you may link what policies, letters, or other means you use to inform data subjects about the processing of data and their rights in that regard (this is referred to as information obligation). According to GDPR art. 13 and 14 your organization must inform data subjects (individuals about whom information is processed) about what information is collected to which purpose and how information is processed etc.

Where can I manage information obligations?

Under Settings >Information obligation

How do I manage information obligations

In this field, you have the possibility to create, edit and delete your information obligation to your data mapping.

Create a new information obligation

  1. Click ‘Create information obligation’ to create a new information obligation.
  2. Fill in master data (name, description, attach a document, insert a link) on the new information obligation.
  3. Click Save.

Edit master data on an existing information obligation

  1. Click the edit icon on the right side of the list.
  2. Edit name and/or description.
  3. Click save.

Delete a information obligation

  1. Click on the trash can icon on the right side of the row.
  2. Click confirm.
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