Update documents on a contract

Update documents on a contract

Upload the actual document that constitutes the contract.


Add the name of the document which is the same as the name of the contract. (E.g. Hosting agreement with Amazon)


Choose a contract category from the dropdown list or create an entire new category by writing the new category directly in the field. (following this category will appear in the dropdown options). A contract category could be “Hosting agreement agreement”, “Transfer agreement”, “Data processor agreement”, “Client agreement” etc.

Start date

Select the start date of the contract according to the agreement.

End date

If the agreement has an end date select the relevant date.


Upload the actual contract here (or alternatively paste in a link from an external site

Paste in a link from an external site (e.g. Sharepoint)


Create a short name for the link. (e.g. Userguide) if you do not give the link a name, the URL address will appear as the name.


Click yes if the contract is signed by both parties.

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