Update Data subjects list

Update Data subjects list

Here you can create categories of data subjects that are covered by the organization’s data processing. The data subjects are defined within each Activity in the ‘Privacy’ tab.

What are data subjects?

Data subjects are the identifiable natural person(s) whose information is being processed in the given activity, e.g. ”customers, employees, partners etc.”

Create a new data subject

If you are an admin you are able to create new data subject. Go to Settings > Data subjects and click on ‘Create data subjects’ to create a new one. You can fill in master data on the new data subject category and click on Save.

Name: The name of the data subject is how you define the person(s) who’s data is being processed, e.g. ”Employees”

Description: You can add a description to be specify further details about the data subjects, e.g. ”Employees in the company inlcuding affiliated companies”

Number of subjects: You can add the number of subjects by typing directly in the field. The new option will be selectable for future use in the drop-down menu, e.g. ”500 – 1000”

Once the data subject(s) are created, they become selectable in the drop-down menu on the privacy tab in all activities.

Edit existing data subjects

To edit master data on existing data subjects, go to the edit icon on the right side of the list.

Delete existing data subjects

If you want to delete a data subject, click on the trash can icon on the right side of the row. Then click on Confirm.

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