What is Data Categories?

Data categories are the definition of the data that is being processed within your organization. Data categories can also be referred to as data objects. Admin can create new data categories that are processed in the organization’s processes, activities, and systems. Admin can create new categories or correct details related to the data category, such as categorization, classification, and tags. Note that each data category can be linked to multiple activities and therefore changes can affect many processes, activities, and systems at once.

Where can I manage data categories?

Under Settings > Date categories

Create a new data category

Click ‘Create new data category’ to create a new one. Here you can fill in master data, for the new data category and click ‘Save’.

Name: The name of the data category is the official name that the admin chooses and will be used by the organization in the data mapping (e.g., Phone number, Name, Social Security number).

Description: The description can entail what the data category accommodates (e.g., if the data category name is ‘Contact information’, the description could be e.g., phone number, e-mail address, etc.).

Privacy classification: The classification is according to one of the four types of data as states in the GDPR.

Business classification: Business classification can be added if necessary to further specify the type of data category.

Category: A category can also be added as a further aggregation to the data category if necessary. You can create new categories yourself by typing directly in the field. The new option will in the future be selectable in the drop-down menu.

Tags: If relevant, ‘Tags’ can be used in cases where the data category may have multiple nicknames or titles, so tags can facilitate and link a search for the same category. You can create new tags yourself by typing directly in the field. The new option will in the future be selectable in the drop-down menu.

New data categories can also be created using the shortcut in the system when you are working in the data mapping tab on the Activity level if you have admin privileges for the system.

New data categories can be added if you are an admin, by going to Settings > Data categories > Create data category or by using the shortcut when mapping data categories to systems or contracts in the ‘Data flow’ tab under any given activity by clicking on the dataflow button on the given system or contract and then ‘New data category’.

Edit an existing data category

To edit master data, eg., if your want to change a name for existing data categories, go to the edit icon on the right side of the list.

Delete an existing data category

To delete a data category, click the trash can icon on the right side of the row. Then click confirm. Deletion of data categories are important if duplicates exist.

Search and filter

You can search after existing data categories by typing in the search box above the list.

To filter in the list of data categories, click the funnel in the right corner.

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