Here, you find an overview of all running projects that have been created. By using the adjustments bar you can filter through the view in the Gantt chart.

What can I do on this page?

  • Open running projects (by clicking on the project title in the Gantt chart)
  • See status and receivers of tasks (by clicking on the time-frame on the Gantt chart)
  • Create new project. – You can create the following project types:
  1. Update assets – This means that you can update existing, Processes, Activities, Systems, Contracts or Policies by sending out update-tasks to relevant responsibles.

2. Validator updates (Validator accepts or rejects an update on one of the above mentioned elements.)

3. Manage controls – This is where you send out control tasks to be performed on one of the above mentioned elements

4. Create or apply new security measures (measures can be applied to Activities, Systems or Contracts.)

5. Perform assessments – This means you can send out assessment questionnaires (e.g. BIA, DPIA, TIA etc.) that are defined in an assessment template here.

In the three tabs on the top of the page (“Update assets”, “Manage controls” and “Perform assessments”, you can see the filtered lists of update-tasks, control-tasks, and assessment-tasks.

Start project

To start a new project clicking on the “Start project” button and follow the steps.

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