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Projects module

The projects module is a highly interactive module that presents different possibilities to work with projects and tasks depending on which modules projects are used with. A project always includes a range of tasks to be finished by users who are added in the system and are either administrators, validators or regular members. However, only administrators can create new projects. They do have the ability to set member users as the responsible for a project

Below is a description of functionalities when projects are deployed alongside the other modules Complyon offers.

Types of projects and functionalities

Users can create either one-time or continuous projects. When creating a new project it needs to be decided weather the project is a one-time project or a re-occuring coninous project. If a continous project is chosen, the user will be creating a template project that will send out scheduled one-time projects which are copies of the created master template. These re-occuring continous projects can be scheduled which means that the system will generate tasks automatically on a chosen date and with a chosen interval and thus continously send out this given project.

All projects are created with a specific scope. The scope entails chosing which parts of the system the tasks shall be related to, e.g. which processes, activities, systems, contracts or policies and procedures the project is related to. All projects are thus linked to the core of the system. Because of this, the system also helps in deciding who the receivers of the tasks should be. When the relevant scope has been chosen the system can indicate who is responsible or accountable for the chosen process/activity/system/contract/policy which helps determine who should receive the task.

When projects are created tasks will be generated on the date the project has been set to start. When tasks are generated all task receivers will get an e-mail generated automatically from Complyon that gives them information about the task and a link to login to the system to be able to carry out their tasks. All task receivers have the possibility to re-assign each task in a project, to an administrator, e.g. if the receiver does not belive they are capable of conducting the task.

The project module offers a full overview of running projects in a Gantt diagramme that is filterable. In the Gantt diagramme e-mail reminders can be sent out to task receivers to remind them of unfinished task they are responsible for. For additional overview of tasks this can be found in the Dashboard module.

The project module can produce different kinds of tasks, depending on which other modules projects are created in relation to. Below is an overview explaining the different types of tasks.

Projects with the privacy module

When projects are created with the privacy module, the tasks that will be generated are ”Update” tasks. The projects are thus often used as a way to keep all privacy relevant information updated. All basic information fields as well as all privacy fields (for a complete overview of fileds click on the link to the privacy module in the header) can be included in an update task. Task receivers will be asked to consider if the given information is up to date and given the chance to change the infromation if this is not the case.

Regularly updating both privacy information as well as information in the core of the system is beneficial for both reporting purposes as well as when working with other modules in Complyon.

Projects with the risk and control module

When projects are used with the risk and control module, tasks can be created that implement controls and security measures. Each created control and security measure in the module has a control description as well as pre-defined passed and failed-response. These controls and security measures are sent out the responsibles in the organizatino to carry out and either pass or fail.

Projects with the assessment module

Assessments is an add-on to the projects module which means that the module can not stand alone, like the other modules. When working with assessments, assessments templates are first created in settings. Templates can either be created with system-generated system impact assessments or admins can create their own sets of questions.

Questions can be defined and described as well as drop-down menus for replies can be added with associated positive/negative responses to the questions. Each question can also be populated with attachments and/or links as well as it can be controlled weather respondents should have to provide their own attachments and/or description when they reply.

As respondents reply to assessments, observations can be created for each assessment project and in the end downloaded as a full Word report.

Projects with the policies and procedures module

The projects module also works with the policies and procedures module in a way where responsible and/or accountables can be asked to update policies or procedures as well as controls and/or security measures can be carried out in relation to specific policies and/or procedures.

To get a full overview of the Complyon modules, click here.

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