The privacy module is closely connected to the core in the system and is one of the modules that can be added to ensure compliance to privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

The privacy module opens up ‘Privacy’ tabs on processes, activities, and contracts. This means that for all process that have been added, the Privacy tab can be filled out. The tab presents a range of fields that differ depending on whether the user has opened the privacy tab in relation to a process, an activity or a contract.

Information in the fields is inserted either by text, checklists or drop-down menues. All information can be downloaded either in Excel sheets or in Word files by using the report generator that allows admin users to download the Article 30 (ROPA) report and the process risk report. For many of the fields the dropdown menus can be controlled by a system admin through settings.

In the list below you can see which fields are available on each level. To learn more about each field, click on the links on the given field.




  • Sub-data processors mapping with data categories
  • Information on data processing agreement
  • Processing role
  • Location of legal entity and primary processing locations
  • Legal basis for third country transfers
  • Information on inspection

The Privacy module with other modules

The privacy module can also be used with the projects module which allows for an easy way to update all above mentioned fields by sending out reminders and specific tasks to other admins or the responsibles and/or accountables of the given process/activity/contract that witholds fileds that need to be updated.

Furthermore, if used with the Assessments module, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) and Third Country Transfer Impact Assessmetns (TIAs) etc., can be sent out to to the organization or to third parties to document your privacy compliance even further.

To learn more about other Complyon modules click here.

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