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Perform Global Assessment task

As an Auditor or a Task Assignee you can perform an assessment task here.

In the upper left corner you can see your own task description. As an example this could be:

A.02-Data processor instructions from the data controller: The data processor only performs the processing of personal data that appears in instructions from the data controller.”

This text is your own supporting text to the assessment/audit.

Documentation collection

This assessment task can be based on control descriptions and documentation collected from a representative from the assessed organisation. If this is the case you can jump to the related documentation collection task by clicking on the button “Open documentation collection” in the upper right corner.

Just below you can see the status of this collection task and verify if the documentation collection have been assigned to any representative. If the collection task is missing an assignee press the pencil just below the chat box and choose the right person.

You can send messages to the receiver in the Documentation collection chat – and you’ll receive an e-mail notification when you receive an questions and answers.

Control Description

In the “Control Description” field you must fill in the organisation’s own control description which can be received from the documentation collection task.

Once you have received the control description and attached documentation you are looking for, you can copy the text to your “Control description” field. This text field can be used in the end-report as the organisation’s own control description. You can see the attached files by clicking on “Lookups and attachment” in the bottom of this overlay.

Performed test

If you during this specific assessment task need to perform (samples or such) describe in the field, “Performed test” what you did. This field can be transferred to the end-report


State your conclusion or observation of the assessed control description, attached documents or performed tests. This can be transferred in the end-report.

Create observation

If needed you can highlight an observation from this assessment task by clicking on the button “+create observation” in the lower left corner. This may or may not be necessary for your end-report depending on your specific report template.


The field “Notes” in the upper left area can be used for your own internal notes, that you may need to document but which is not meant to be transferred to the end-report for the organisation’s representative to see.

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