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Create new partition (client)

Here you can create a new partition (Client), if you need to start an audit assessment for a client, that does not already have a partition in the Complyon platform. (You can search for the client in the partition search field in the upper left corner)

  • First make sure you are located on your master client (in the below example the master client is “Auditor hosting” as apposed to the partition to right.

Next go to Partitions under settings (Or use the shortcut here)

Click on create new partition in the upper right corner.

Fill out the master Data for your new partition (client) – Company umber is the CVR number.

Add the users to the parttion (both internal task receivers and project owners and task receivers from the client’s side)

Click and search on the select users to add and choose the relevant user. If the user (both internal or external) is not yet created in the Complyon system you can do this here by following this guide

Click the green “+Add” button to add specific internal and external users, so that they can be appointed to tasks etc. in this partition.

Choose the relevant user role

Select Partition Admin for internal auditor or consultants that needs to perform the assessment. And select “Member” role for the client who needs to receive documentation tasks and answer questions during the assessment. You can read more about the different roles here

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