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Create new assessment report template

On a Global assessment template you can upload a report template that will be used when you generate the final assessment report. This must be a Microsoft Word (.docx) in which you define Headlines, standard text, company specific colors, logos and images, that you always want to be included in the report. Anywhere in the report you can put in pre-defined tags representing specific fields on the Complyon platform and thereby extracting various kinds of Partition/Client information and other information from the project or assessment like assessment description, assessment task input etc.

How do I create a tag in the report?

Before uploading your Word template, you can add tags throughout the document on the locations where you wish the content to be populated into the report. A tag is indicated by a dollar sign $ and a field name enclosed by curly parentheses {}. Examples of tags:



Typing this in the report template:

This ${project.name} report is for ${partition.name}. ${project.description}.

Results in this in the generated report:

“This ISAE 3000 report is for Acme Inc. This revised assurance standard deals with assurance engagements other than audits or reviews of historical financial information. In revising ISAE 3000, the ….”

When you are happy with your standard report, you can save it and upload it under the Basic info tab of the assessment template.

If you do not upload any template, the report will be generated with Complyon’s standard global auditor report. You can use this standard report or use it as a basis for your own.

Available tags

Tags that can be added throughout the Microsoft Word template (.docx):

  • ${partition.name}
  • ${project.name}
  • ${project.description}
  • ${project.conclusion}
  • ${measures.all}
  • ${observations.all}
  • ${project.tasks}
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