Contracts (advanced) module

Contracts can be added to Complyon by defining the name of the contract, the third party the contract is held with and a description of the contract when used in the core of the system.

By using contracts (advanced) users also get the follwing abilities:

  • Link or upload the actual contract (any formalized document like a Data Processing agreement, a purchasing contract etc.). Links are often used if the contract resides in Sharepoint or another contract management tool. The function also comes with version control on each document added, information on start date and end date as well as weather or not the contract is signed.
  • Add contact persons to the contract. This can be either internal contact persons or external ones who can be added with name, e-mail, phone number and categorized (CFO, DPO, internal buisness owner etc.)
  • Add contract measures to each contract. Contractual measures can be any information you want added or measured that relates to one or more contracts like reneweal dates, amounts, KPI’s that need tracking, audit information etc. A new measure can be created though settings by administrators and bulk uploaded to several contracts with pre-set information at once, or with questions for the organization (the contract owner) to fill out.

Each contract can be related to systems (e.g. if the contract is with a system provider) and activities that the contract is used in relation to as well as it is possible to see all data categories that have been mapped to the contract, meaning that user have the full overview of where and why information is being exchanged with parties outside of the organization.

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