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Why insurance firms choose Complyon

Compliance is vital for insurance. Insurance companies work with vast amounts of different data that have to meet complex regulatory standards and maintain security requirements. And in an industry which is built on trust, compliance cannot be compromised.

That’s why Complyon was created; to remove the complexity from this process, aid understanding within companies, and provide a strong company-wide compliance solution that can adapt to new regulations. Complyon makes it simple to securely map compliance data across different departments and locations, provides a clear overview of risk, and facilitates compliance with a variety of privacy legislations. From providing audit-ready reports and documentation to connecting your contracts, third parties and systems, Complyon is the trustworthy way to manage compliance for insurance companies, whether you’re looking to comply with GDPR, ESG or many more.

Complyon provides the trust your insurance clients need

See a connected overview entities

Trace your data, processes, activities, third parties, and understand how they connect.

Simplify privacy legislation compliance

Define rules and processes, and automate GDPR reports that meet requirements.

Streamline documentation

Ensure all relevant documentation is defined and stored correctly in one place.

Increase trust

Understand where risk lies and set appropriate workflows to track and prevent it.

View live compliance data

Dashboards provide insights into the live status of your compliance data and where changes are needed.

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Understand your data so you can understand your risks

Insurance companies handle vast volumes of data that threaten security: when data comes from different departments and different clients, it’s difficult to ensure it’s all stored securely and only accessible toby only the correct employees. Complyon enhances security and provides a better way to track all the data your insurance company uses.

The comprehensive overview provided in Complyon’s platform clearly shows how all the different contracts, systems, data, and third-parties in your organisation relate. A multi-dimensional view makes it simple to identify and detect risk and ensure that it is being averted, whether it’s technical management, financial risk, or operational risk.

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Remove silos to empower the relevant stakeholders

The different products, services, and locations that insurance companies provide can result in compliance becoming siloed by individual departments or business owners. Complyon removes this difficulty by tracking all data and connections across the entire organisation from its central platform. The relevant data controllers and processors can also input and manage their data, systems, and third parties from this central location.

Through Complyon’s Project Module, automated reminders are sent to those responsible for updating, inputting, or validating data, ensuring all information is correctly managed and always up-to-date.

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Automate documentation and streamline GDPR compliance

GDPR is complex for insurance companies who handle large amounts of personal data, and must guarantee security  for all data at all times. Complyon’s GDPR module is tailor-made by compliance specialists to improve how your insurance company complies with all the relevant GDPR regulations. It transforms GDPR documentation from a complicated technical task to a straightforward process that is simple to maintain and upkeep.

Building on data from risk-mapping, Complyon automates the reports you need to provide quick and accurate reports for Article 30, CIAs and retention rules. Complyon ensures that all your personal data points are in accordance with the necessary regulations and all the required documentation is approved.

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Stay flexible in a continously-changing compliance landscape


One of the main difficulties facing those who work in insurance is the ever-changing new regulations, requirements, and regional demands related to compliance. It’s a complex task for insurance companies to keep up with new laws, monitoring expectations, and regulations where continuous implementation is required. Often, updates to IT systems are also necessary, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Complyon is designed to adapt to fit your company’s compliance needs and grow with new regulations, with space to add, map, and understand new processes in your organization. Whether new data points need to be added, new third party activities recorded, or new reports generated, Complyon is a future-proof solution that will always adapt to meet your latest compliance needs.



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