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Optimize GDPR compliance with software designed for Article 30 (ROPA) data-mapping

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The simple way to manage Article 30 compliance

Article 30 compliance is a vital part of GDPR and requires an up-to-date record of how data is being processed in the organisation.

Complyon’s tool provides an intuitive and easy way to map and record data from every part of your organisation, ensuring compliance with article 30 at all times:

  • Optimise your processes through better understanding of data flows
  • Remove double work between departments
  • Avoid silos in data protection
  • Benefit from audit-ready GDPR reports downloaded in one click
  • Easily update data to reflect changes and maintain compliance
  • Full log of changes to all systems, processes and contracts
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Protect your business by transforming your Article 30 compliance

Lack of compliance with Article 30 results in costly fines and serious damages to reputation, impacting customer trust and holding organisations back.

Designed by experts, Complyon’s automated data-mapping software is the best way to keep your company safe and effortlessly manage your compliance:

  • Audit-ready documentation that reflects your current state
  • User-friendly and intuitive system that connects data and saves time
  • Better understanding of the data flows across your organisation
  • Trustworthy compliance you can rely on
  • Optimise business processes based on valuable organisational insights


Maintain Article 30 compliance with minimal effort

Track all processes

Easily add and edit the processes which involve data.

Record all activities

Match each activity where data flows to a process.

Easily update and maintain data

Editing and updating is simple and intuitive, with a complete log of changes kept automatically.

One-click audit-ready reports

Download reports instantly in a variety of formats.

Save time and money

Requires minimal maintenance time and keeps track of all versions.

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We have never had such a great overview of our internal systems and data flows as we have today with Complyon.

The system is dynamic and user friendly, allowing us to maintain our data on an ongoing basis. Complyon delivers value that goes far beyond what GDPR asks for.
Dina Christensen

Project Leader, Ekstrabladet

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