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Since 2015 we have worked tirelessly to develop the best data mapping and GDPR tool on the market, proven at more than 30 enterprise companies.

  1. Interrelated data - as it should be!

    Silo thinking is no longer enough when working with compliance. Data objects from every department needs to be interrelated - so we made our solution that way. This enables a far superior overview of risks and gaps and adds endless filter and reporting possibilities. Not a small feat and a big advantage compared to the onedimensional Excel sheet or similar risk management solutions.

  2. Reporting to Top Management and DPA with one click

    We have standard reports in our system to accomodate Top Management and the Data Protection Agencies regarding article 30, Data processors and Risk across processes and systems etc. However our multidimensional solution allows companies to report on Risks, Processes, system vulnerabilities, Dataflow streams on more than a hundred different angles.

  3. Decentralize ownership

    You can now delegate responsibilities of business processes, processing activities, systems and third parties to specific owners across your organisation and at the same time, ensure differentiated access to only relevant parts of the compliance documentation.

    We have developed an interface that is easy to use by integrating demo-videos and user guidance regarding the questions related to GDPR and risk & control.

  4. Validation of input from Business units and IT

    Your DPO, CISO or external legal advisor can now validate input given by employees who process critical and personal data either as process-owner or system owner.

    You can furthermore track your status in reports and dashboards while the solution logs input, validation dates and corrections by specific users. This results in a complete and structured overview of the current compliance status at your fingertips.

  1. Maintenance made easy

    With our campaign module your DPO/CPO can define and create tasks to business process owners or system owners in order to update your Compliance & Risk overview. This gives you an overview of the status of your campaigns and tasks while the receiver of the campaign receives guidance and detailed information about the tasks through our help-center with in-system userguidance and video-demonstrations.

  2. Access your data through our API-layer

    You can access and update your data via the integrated API-layer, for instance integrate with excisting infrastructure or load data directly into your own BI solution.

  3. Tailor made

    We believe in having a system with an open structure, with customizable elements, that allows our system to fit your business - not the other way around. This means you don't have to change the way you work today. We call that "tailor made".

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