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What is ESG?

Environmental, social and governance regulations are becoming some of the latest standards that require compliance.

Designed to make companies prove the steps they’re taking to act in a way that fulfils environmental, social and governance requirements, ESG regulations mean organisations need to consider how they manage resources, reduce emissions and climate impact, and contribute to social responsibility.

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How Complyon's platform assists ESG compliance

While ESG compliance looks different for every organisation, Complyon’s system-agnostic approach makes it the ideal tool to manage ESG regulations with multiple ways to ensure standards are being met.

The Core, Policies and Procedures, and Risk and Control modules ease ESG compliance management through the following capabilities:

  • Upload ESG frameworks, policies and controls so they can be easily monitored.
  • Store documentation related to ESG compliance.
  • Track risks and monitor risk levels throughout the organisation.
  • Automate performance of your controls and link policies to chosen controls.
  • Implement and manage ESG goals through your policies and procedures.Download one-click audit-ready reports for management, auditors, or anyone else.
  • Benefit from a clear overview of how policies, risks and controls connect to each other.

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