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The Dashboard provides a visual overview of your compliance metrics in real-time

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Making compliance metrics simple to understand

Complyon’s Dashboard provides a clear picture of your compliance metrics in real time. Through a visual dashboard and percentage number, it’s easy to see the status of your compliance and understand where work is needed. Powered by PowerBI and continually updated, the Dashboard provides all the information you need to improve your compliance.

Breaking your compliance metrics into three key areas, the Dashboard gives an overview of where your compliance is strong and which areas need improvement. Click-through links allow you to further investigate areas of concern, so you can understand them in more detail. From drawing attention to problem areas to providing you with a quick and easy way to present data, the Dashboard is a user-friendly way to make compliance understandable.

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Plan: Understand the risk in your plans

Every project requires a plan, and every plan has risk requirements. The Plan Dashboard provides real-time information about where risk lies and how it can be mitigated. By clicking on the elements, it’s easy to find out more about problems and discrepancies, and track and fix them to ensure security.

Elements of risk can include:

  • Unapplied framework controls.
  • Identified risks without mitigation.
  • Identified threats without mitigation.
  • Identified vulnerabilities without mitigation.
  • Missing data, validation, or expired mapping.
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Implementation: track the status of implementation

Each compliance task involves multiple associated projects and other related tasks. The Implementation section shows the status of these, including overdue tasks. Data around non-implemented controls and security measures are given, making it easier to see where action is needed. A graph of historic data provides details about implementation over time, giving an insight into what is going well and where more resources are needed.

Implementation elements include:

  • Projects overdue.
  • Tasks overdue.
  • Non-implemented controls.
  • Non-implemented security measures.
  • Non-implemented updates.
  • Non-implemented validations.
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Effectiveness: Measure the effectiveness of tasks

The Effectiveness Dashboard provides details on how effective measures are and where limitations lie in tasks, either planned or in action.  From the Effectiveness Dashboard, a click-through allows you to investigate more, see further details or act accordingly.  It also shows historic observations, meaning the status of effectiveness can be tracked. highlighting the relation between your plan and the implementation, and exposing where further action needs to be taken.

Elements of effectiveness include:

  • Failed control tasks.
  • Risks above tolerance.
  • Rejected validations.

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Explain your compliance metrics

Getting started with compliance can be a complex process. Communicating the need for more resources or areas of concern within compliance can also be complicated. Complyon’s Dashboard makes it easy to understand the different tasks and areas that need input, by breaking them down into easy-to-understand scores and visuals.

A clear graphic explanation of compliance metrics is beneficial when discussing needs for more resources, or explaining progress through metrics. Gain a better understanding of your compliance in a manner that’s easy to communicate with others through Complyon’s Dashboard feature.

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