Core module

The cores of the system consists of four main lists that create the flow of data and the definition of how an organization works. In each list an element can be created with a definition and with multiple options to interact with all of the other modules.

The cores is built up by defining the following:

  • Processes – an overall business process which often entails a certain goal to be met, like hiring new employees etc.
  • Activities – is always connected to one or more processes and entails the actual work carried out in relation to the given process. Often multiple activities reside in relation to one overall process, like conducting job interviews and then personality tests etc.
    • The processes and activities list are visually presented in one list, in order to give users the best overview from the start.
  • Systems – are linked to activities. Meaning that for each activity that is created the system used to carry out the activity are linked to it, like a system that provides the personality tests, an e-mail system to forward job applications etc. Furthermore, data categories are mapped to each system, meaning that it is possible to get specific around what kinds of data are handled in each given system.
  • Contracts – are also linked to each activity. This could be contracts you have with providers of the systems being used, authorities that you are obliged to send off data to or any other party than the organization itself, who provides data to the activity. Furthermore, data categories are also mapped to each contract in this relation.

All lists are interconnected. Meaning that it is possible to enter a data stream from any given point in these relations. It is possible to go to any given system and see all of the activities the system is used to process data in as well as it is possible to go to any given activity, to see which process it is linked to, which systems are being used to process data and which contracts are relevant for the given activity.

All lists thus hold a place for the organizations definition of processes, activities, systems and contracts. For all definitions there are description fields available and depending on the added modules, more information can be inserted that help structure information needed for the flows. Data mapping can thus happen with a starting point from any given standpoint.

Other modules

All other modules are connected to the core of the system in different ways. Click on the name of the modules below, to read more about them and how they interact with the core:

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