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User guide

Information on how to work with the system.


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An activity is an action that occurs in your organization, where processing of information takes place. An activity is always related to an overlying process.


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A process is the highest level of a documented business process where information is collected and processed. Examples of processes in HR could be “Recruitment” or “Personnel administration”.

Third parties

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A System is a data processing or data storing entity that the business accesses directly. A system may be a physical storing unit, a business application, or a file share either on premise or in the cloud. However, a system is typically not a database or a network component as these are not accessed directly by the business.


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Risk scenarios

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A risk scenario is a potential event that poses a risk to the organization.


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Generic controls

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A generic control is a description of a control that can be performed in your organization. Generic controls can be scheduled and performed as control tasks through the Project management module.


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A contract may be the registration of the existence of any agreement signed with a third party such as a Service agreement, Data processor agreement, partnership agreement, System hosting agreement etc.

Beskrivelse af et system

Beskriv eller opdater den aktuelle beskrivelse af systemet. Dette felt kan bruges til at dokumentere formålet med systemet, så brugere...

Hvad er en tredjepart?

En tredjepart kan være en leverandør, samarbejdspartner, kunde etc., som data deles eller videregives med. Eksempler på relevante tredjeparter kunne...

Processing role on the activity

Define the role that the organisation has regarding data processing in this activity. Click the “Edit” icon or select an...

Updating information obligation

Updating information obligation It’s necessary to update or approve the documentation for fulfilling the legal obligation to inform data subjects...

Data list on a system

Data categories are the definition of the data that is being processed on this system. Data categories may appear on...