The Core of your compliance

A simple interface stores all your compliance data for easy understanding. 

A clear overview of all risk-related data

Organisations often face difficulties understanding how the different parts of their compliance fit together. With data coming from multiple different areas of the business, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Complyon solves this difficulty through providing a central location where data is stored and all the interrelationships can be understood. Gain a better understanding of how your data, processes, and activities relate to each other and where the main areas of risk are with Complyon.

Understand the connections between your data 

In the Core Module, organisations can input all their data, processes, and activities, creating a clear understanding of the different areas of risk.

A key benefit of the Core Module is that it allows all the connections and relationships between data to be traced by the relevant stakeholders. From this, it’s easy to see where the risk lies in your organisation so you can strategically act on this knowledge.

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