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Track contracts and workflows for proactive management

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One location for all contracts and related data

Complyon’s Contract Management module provides a central repository for all contracts, making them simple to find and manage. With sophisticated contract abilities, ranging from details and linked documents to version tracking, every detail of each contract’s lifestyle is easily accessible from one place.

All types of contracts, agreements and related documents are hosted in the module, such as data processing agreements, terms of use, SLAs, audit reports and more.

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Filter contracts for an optimised overview

Within the Contract Management module, a variety of relevant information is linked to each contract, giving a clear overview of relevant details. All the contract data can be filtered to group together contracts for a tailored overview, for example viewing all hosting provider contracts at once.

Filtering options include:

  • Categories
  • Date of last modification
  • Any filter of your own choosing
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    Store and track all relevant third party privacy data

    Third party contract management gives even further possibilities for related data. With each third party contract, the following relevant details can be entered and tracked:

  • Primary data processing locations
  • Contracts specific to that third party
  • Sub-data processors
  • Detailed audit information
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    Create your own measurements on contracts

    Build your own measures that can be added to contracts in order to filter information, gain further information from the organisation or keep track of your contracts.

    Measures could include:

  • The value of the contract
  • Date for renewal
  • Whether specific terms have been signed
  • Any specific legislation the contract is subject to
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    Enable measures to be answered from the organisation

    Any measure can be built through settings and uploaded on either all contracts, or specific ones. Measures can be populated with drop-down menus that include questions that must be answered from the organisation, such as:

  • Which type of certification does the service provider hold?
  • Is the contract subject to outsourcing regulations?
  • Do specific business terms apply to the contract?
  • Track and manage contracts effortlessly

    Full log of changes

    See all validations and a complete history, including new measures that have been added

    Filter contracts by a variety of categories

    Immediately see all contracts due for renewal

    View individual contract measures

    Relevant contract measure and validations attached to each

    Detailed data privacy section

    Including all the necessary information about processors and sub-processors, including location, agreements, and legal basis

    Optional integrations with other modules

    Integrations with Risk to add risk scenarios to each contract and Project to automate relevant communication to responsibles

    Contracts connected to wider dataflows

    Assign contracts to relevant activities, systems and data for a complete compliance overview

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