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  • Data mapping

    Reuse, optimise and connect your dataflows to save time and secure your information.

  • Reporting

    Generate up-to-date and protocol-ready reports in seconds, covering everything from systems to risks.

  • Decentralizing compliance

    A central platform allows your compliance to be trusted by management, while being simple to update, validate and administrate.

Improve your compliance with our tailor-made workflows.

  • Central governance

    Central governance and business unit input provides all the right data to secure compliance for GDPR and other regulations you need to abide by.

  • Data flow analysis

    Understand the complete overview of your data through the interconnection of activities, systems and processes, including everything from third parties and policies to legal basis and retention rules.

  • Task sharing

    Automatic reminders inform employees when it’s time to input, renew or approve data based on the compliance requirements.

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We know and understand the challenge first hand.

We started Complyon because we saw first hand the issues and challenges the DPOs and CISOs were facing. We were out there in the companies experiencing the problems and obstacles ourselves.

Fast growing team based in Copenhagen.

Some say that we are hosting a big gettogether for specialists who know they can achieve more in a team with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You don't believe us? Get in touch and see for yourself!

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    We're fortunate enough to have the trust and belief of some amazing partners and investors. Helping us scale and guiding us in the right direction.

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    Founded in Copenhagen, but with an international mindset. Both in our aspiration and employee composition.

A system that invites you and your organization to ongoing automated maintenance that ensures the right connections in the dataflows and enables you to generate reports on the spot - this is what I believe will get you past nearly unmanageable manual processes and secure next level compliance.

I believe that with a good lawyer and Excel it’s possible to get about 70 % of your GDPR work done. The last 30 percent lies in the ability to create and maintain complex data streams. A compliance system has the clear advantage that only one version exists at all times and based on that version you can access the information that you want anytime. It also allows you to generate GDPR-relevant compliance reports in no time - getting you the furthest the fastest with confidence. If you want to exercise best practice you need an IT-system like Complyon that gives you a real chance of reaching 100 % in your compliance work.

With Complyon you avoid using enormous amounts of time updating dataflows. With the system you get to do it right the first time, and after that, you only need a fraction of the initial time spent to maintain it. If you have a legal and/or IT-background, the system’s “free flow” settings forms basis of structuring your work exactly as you want and see fit.

Niels-Peter Kjølbye

Attorney at NJORD Law Firm

Already trusted by...
  • When we realised we needed to map our data flow and third parties, we quickly realised that it was a complex task and that we needed a tool to do the job. Our partner Bankdata recommended us Complyon as the most easy-to-use and intuitive system and we have been very happy with the decision to use Complyon since then.

    Lotte Rye Wæde

    IT souschef

  • I highly recommend Complyon to all companies out there who are working with Excel or other GDPR tools to maintain GDPR compliance. This tool is in my opinion the best and most complete GDPR and compliance tool on the market. I would also like to add that Clara, Julie and Claus are the utmost experts in GDPR compliance and a pleasure to work with every time.  

    Steve Peacock

    Consulting Director

  • We have never had such a great overview of our internal systems and data flows as we have today with Complyon. The system is dynamic and user friendly, allowing us to let the business maintain our data on an ongoing basis. Complyon delivers value that goes far beyond what GDPR asks for.

    Dina Christensen

    Project leader, Ekstrabladet

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