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A better way to track your compliance and optimise your GRC strategy

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Partnering with Venzo to improve your compliance

Venzo are a trusted solution partner of Complyon; they add value to Complyon’s platform by developing customized dashboards that optimise performance for teams and high priority areas. As a digital transformation and innovation partner, Venzo provides advice and experiences that improve digital strategy and transformation.

The Venzo compliance dashboard conjoins Venzo and Complyon’s capabilities to offer a solution that streamlines compliance management and optimises performance.

The VENZO compliance dashboard, a product of the Complyon and VENZO partnership, combines the strengths of compliance and performance management with digital strategic advisory, enabling transparency and visualization to support process optimization and data-driven decision making.
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Christoffer Fries

Senior Consultant, Venzo

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Taking the challenge out of understanding compliance

The Venzo compliance dashboard removes complexity from understanding compliance metrics. Through the combination of a visual representation and a percentage score, the dashboard provides a clear overview of your current compliance status. From there, it’s easy to investigate the areas that need further attention and take the appropriate actions to mitigate them.

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Turning complexity into clarity

Compliance management doesn’t have to be complex – and with the dashboard, it isn’t. The dashboard transforms your complicated compliance landscape into clear, easy to understand metrics through an intuitive platform that provides up-to-date information. It contains centralised data from your entire organisation, meaning everything you need is easy to access, manage, and track, resulting in greater understanding of your compliance and risks.

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More informed decision-making through better understanding

With greater understanding of what’s happening across your data in real-time, it’s easier to make data-informed decisions – whether that’s dedicating extra resources to certain areas, or mitigating risks as quickly as possible. The compliance dashboard provides an overview that empowers you to act quickly and efficiently to make data-informed decisions that optimise data protection and minimise risk.

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More effective communication of compliance data

The visual representation shown in the dashboard also makes it easier to effectively communicate current compliance metrics to stakeholders and throughout the company. This helps bring attention to needs and highlight areas that require further attention. Ensure that everyone in your company can understand the complexities of your data and make data-based decisions through the data provided in the Dashboard.

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Uses of the Venzo compliance dashboard are varied and include:

Azure cost management service
Venzo’s Azure Consumption Analytics provide insights into how your organisation uses your Azure subscription, at whichever detail level is needed, e.g. projects, services or departments.

CxO Dashboard
An executive Power BI Report designed to fit your company’s specific needs and requirements, which optimises your IT performance by providing dynamic reports into IT inquiries, systems crashes, user satisfaction, and more.

Service desk and IT service management reporting
VENZO provides IT Service management reporting powered by BI to give insights for decision-making. Functionalities include tracking service levels, monitoring SLAs and key performance, and providing intelligent insights to where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

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The compliance dashboard is tailored to your exact needs

Compliance data differs between companies – that’s why there’s several options of the Venzo compliance dashboard to choose between, so you can match your company’s complexities and needs.

Choose your solution from:

  • Basic Dashboard: offers an overview of compliance in your company.
  • Basic+ Dashboard: the Basic Dashboard with the option to build a third party dashboard, an incident dashboard, and a risk dashboard on top of it.
  • Custom Dashboard: a custom-made Dashboard based on the exact needs of your company.

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